we truly make a difference


Use of LS brings profits to your company by:

Licensing Solutions can provide the full range of support and service consultation, which will enable clients to successfully conclude and execute a full value license. 

  • Having contracts negotiated that contain the most value for the money;
  • Realizing contracts that meet or exceed project and business financial expectations;
  • Having an advisor with extensive project and contract execution experience;
  • Concluding contracts that allow effective and efficient execution leading to a rewarding and successful project;
  • Consulting with one business for Cradle to Grave licensing needs and solutions, and;
  • Saving you money!
  • Adding value to your company through effective licensing;
  • Having internationally successful negotiators represent your company;
  • Avoiding the high cost of maintaining a permanent licensing staff while achieving professional results;
  • Avoiding costly mistakes in selection of licensor and technology;
  • Having a license scope that meets or exceeds business plans and objectives;
  • Minimizing creation of risk and liability;
  • Having experienced advisors aid in selection of vendors and contractors;

LS will:

  •  Advise clients on scope of future services that should be included within the agreement;
  • Consult on a framework for and development of a technology transfer methodology.
  • Consult on development of marketing and support organizations for new businesses. 
  • Negotiate for engineering, procurement, and construction contracts on behalf of clients.
  • Consult and support all phases of contract execution 
  • Work with clients to develop a strategic business plan surrounding decisions on licensing technology. We have the expertise to guide the scope of the venture undertaking, in particular where there is no existing business model.
  • Provide a framework and support for, developing a licensing business, including portfolio, scope, reporting relationships, staffing and future obligations;
  • Negotiate on behalf of clients to “license out” or “license in” patents and/or know-how. 
  • Advise clients on the full documentation required to license a technology.