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Project Development and Execution encompasses the work involved in moving from the idea stage through a functioning project on the ground. This process can take from a few weeks/months to several years to complete. Competent resources within an organization complete most of the milestones along the way, however, there are areas where outside help is not only desirable, but necessary for the success of the venture. Licensing Solutions can fill those gaps with expertise gained through experience.

  • Identification of a business need
  • Define scope of business to
    ​support the need
  • Understanding the implications of such a business (Patent(s) required?, A process?, Raw Materials?, Sales and marketing staff?, Support laboratory or testing facility?, An R&D effort?, Logistics to move product?, Need a license?, Technology?
  • Locate the patent and/or
    ​know-how providers
  • Solicit bids for the license​
    ​and technology

Major project development and execution milestones and tasks:

  • Design reviews
  • HAZOP reviews
  • Field follow up on construction and operability
  • Field safety reviews and operability reviews
  • Equipment and plant turnover
  • Commissioning
  • Start up
  • Warranty operation
  • Normal operation
  • Project evaluation and close out

Licensing Solutions has the experience to support and consult on any or all of these task items. Success begins with a clear and complete contract between licensor and licensee for the agreed technology. That must be followed with a contractor agreement with a reputable company for delivery of the agreed facility.

Many small and mid size companies just do not have the resources to man a major effort or project and it makes sense to use outside resources to provide the expertise necessary for a successful, efficient project. Untold millions of dollars are lost each year on projects that were staffed by competent people that lacked the experience to fulfill the demands of a new undertaking. Missing a start up date or a major project milestone by a few days can and does cost thousands of dollars. Use experts to help avoid the many pitfalls of project execution.

  • Evaluate bids
  • Negotiation of license agreement
  • Evaluate and solicit bids for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
  • Negotiation of engineering and construction contracts
  • Decisions on staffing
  • Hiring process
  • Training process
  • Liaison with EPC contractors