Companies that start a new business venture with little or no marketing experience or with a new product line, and a need to develop a marketing organization need Licensing Solutions LLC. The advice and council of experienced consultants can help you understand the scope of such an undertaking. Early project decisions about market support have to be made, normally before a contract or license has been negotiated. These decisions will ultimately determine such things as use of the licensor for support, development of own laboratory/R&D center, or a combination of both. Depending upon the product, it is likely that some form of analytical capability will have to be used to support marketing and sales.

The organizational development required to build a marketing and sales organization, the support organization behind the sales, and the training necessary to represent the product and the company will benefit greatly by use of experienced Licensing Solutions LLC. consultants.

Thought must be given to a marketing communications (MARCOM) effort. It can be done in house or out sourced. An experienced consultant can provide guidance on the effort and the scope of work required. Things to be considered will include such things as mail-outs, trade journal ads, web site, brochures, articles, etc.

Other considerations that should be fleshed out prior to entering a new business or a license arrangement are listed below. These are in addition to the organizational issues noted above. Items are broken out by what a licensor might wish to consider versus what a licensee might want.

  • Access to licensors laboratory and staff?
  •  Market training?
  •  Pre-market material?
  • To have technology manuals and test procedures?
  • Use licensors trademark or develop your own entity or product nomenclature?
  • Restricted sales and market territory?
  • Restricted use of product?
  • Provide for new product development in your
    ​own laboratory?
  •  Provide grantback on new product developments?
  •  To have licensor certify your lab or product analysis?
  • Sales and market promotional materials from Licensor?
  • Support the licensee with access to your laboratory and staff?
  •  Supply market training?
  •  Provide pre-market material?
  • Provide technology manuals and test procedures?

Marketing & Sales

Licensor considerations; Will you:

Licensee considerations; Will you:

  • Allow licensee to use your trademark?
  • Restrict sales and market territory?
  • Restrict use of product?
  • Provide for new product development?
  • Request grantbacks on new licensee developments?

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