Licensing Solutions has extensive experience in IP and Technology transfer, project execution and business development. With over 50 years of on the ground experience, our consultants provide clients “hands on” advice and support in all the important areas dealing with intellectual property and know-how. The founder and president of LS has been involved in successful licensing efforts and contract negotiations across the globe, including among others: China, South Africa, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, England, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Mexico and the USA.  We are recognized and have a reputation for tough and fair negotiations. Contracts negotiated range from a few thousand to multi-million dollars. That skill and experience is now being offered to industry on a consultant basis. We serve those companies with a need to buy or sell patents and/or know-how, offering our expertise in concluding agreements that provide the most advantageous position to our client company, while minimizing risk and liability. The licensing expertise brought by LS is founded in a broad base of contract execution experience. That experience facilitates negotiating full value contracts, which contain realistic and executable obligations.

LS also has vast experience in project execution and business development. We offer experienced management consulting services, (licensor’s or licensee’s), for venture related items such as: technology selection; engineering contractor selection; project management; project and operating staffing, planning, and training; project execution through start up; and normal operations. Further we offer expert advice and consultation on staffing and support needs for developing new product marketing plans and matching those plans to new or existing marketing and sales organizations.

LS has experience in:

  • Developing a licensing business
  • Development of and negotiation of licensing agreements globally
  • Execution of license agreements from both sides of an agreement
  • Developing and training new technology, operating, and maintenance staffs
  • Dealing with engineering, procurement, and construction companies to contract negotiations through execution
  • Managing a technical organization
  • Managing plant operations
  • Development of licensing services department and managing licensing services globally
  • Guiding development of a licensing database to manage obligations and financial matters
  • Developing and managing plant organizations for grassroots start-ups

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